What is a “song request” and how many do we get?

For bands, we define a “song request” as any song that does not appear on your band’s master song list. If we have not sent you our master song list yet, please let us know!

For wedding receptions, our bands include three (3) song requests. Couples usually use their song requests for one of the below options:

  • First Dance and Parent Dances

  • A few favorite dance songs that don’t already appear on the artists’ master song list

For wedding ceremonies, our bands include an additional three (3) song requests, to be used for the processional, bridal entrance, and recessional.


Can we choose any songs we like?

Our bands must APPROVE every song request. That said, we accept the vast majority of song requests! Below, we’ve indicated some examples of the type of song requests our bands would NOT be able to play.

  • Songs that do not work stylistically with your band

  • Songs that are highly technical

  • Songs that are over 5 minutes long


What if we want to request more than 3 songs?

Our bands are happy to learn more than three (3) song requests for your wedding reception for an additional rehearsal/preparation fee per musician.

Our bands learn no more than six (6) song requests for any wedding event.


When should we send our song requests?

We ask that all song requests be sent to the band no less than 2 weeks before your wedding. Our musicians are busy, and we want to make sure they have enough time to prepare!


What about MP3 Song Requests?

We are happy to accept MP3 song request for special moments, free of charge! Couples will often choose MP3 songs for the grand entrance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, special dances, etc.

Did you hire a DJ for your wedding to support your band? If not, we recommend adding one of our awesome DJs! Although your band can play MP3 requests without a DJ, a DJ provides a much more interactive, exciting, and seamless experience than an MP3 player.